SharePoint Migration


From where you are to today
in one step

The nightmare of SharePoint migrations has ended!

Now we can migrate your content from your actual environment – whether that be 2003, 2007, 2010 or 2013, Standard, Enterprise or Foundation – directly to SharePoint 2016 or SharePoint Online without having to make multiple traditional migrations.

It’s perfectly normal for organizations not to migrate every three years to the latest version of SharePoint (during the Ignite conference, 24-29 Sept 2017, Microsoft announced the latest on-premise version will be 2019) which means that when the time comes to migrate, the jump is not to the next version but two or three versions newer. Jarmit Consulting has had plenty of experience with traditional migrations, including multiple migrations (2007 -> 2010 -> 2013) and the level of difficulty and time involved with this method is considerable, especially in environments which have been heavily modified.

When Microsoft introduced SharePoint Online the way of migrating had to change for the simple reason that we now have no direct access to the SharePoint Online servers the same way we have with SharePoint on-premise. Now Microsoft recommends the use of one of the third-party migration applications such as the ones from Metalogix, AvePoint or ShareGate to move your content to it’s new environment. These applications allow us to forget about multiple migration stages because they work differently from the traditional migration methods – exporting the content from your old environment and importing directly to the new one without any intermediate stages.

Aspects such as site, library and list structure are controlled automatically by these applications. The permissions set on the information is maintained and we can even map users whose accounts no longer exist in the new environment.

In Jarmit Consulting we can analyze your case to advise on the migration application which best fits the needs with complete impartiality as we have no economic agreements with these providers.

Migrate your customizations to Angular

In almost all SharePoint installations there are customizations to add functionality that the organization needs but is not available in the base platform.

If you are already using our development platform build on Angular for your customizations, you have no problem – your applications will function perfectly in the new environment without having to modify the code.

If you have used one of the traditional forms of modifying SharePoint you will need to migrate them for the new platform. Irrespective if you are moving to SharePoint on-premise or SharePoint online, using the power of Angular on SharePoint to implement the special functionality will reduce the time and cost of the migration and assure that in the future you will not need to migrate your code again.

For an evaluation of your migration and the benefits of moving your solutions to Angular contact us.